Wally Detection Bundle (w/Repeater)

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Wally Detection Bundle (w/Repeater)
Wally Detection Bundle (w/Repeater) Wally Detection Bundle (w/Repeater)

Wally Detection Bundle

Purchase the Wally Detection Bundle and choose between adding 5, 8, or 12  Sensors to protect your home or business from common indoor hazards like water leaks, mold and faulty heating and cooling. We recommend placing Sensors near major appliances (water heaters, dishwashers, etc.), sinks, toilets or other areas areas where risks for these hazards exist. 

  • Wally's smart technology monitors your home or business for water leaks, changes in temperature and humidity as well as open doors or windows—sending alerts via text, push notification, phone call or email when an issue is detected. Stay connected with the free Wally mobile app on iOS and Android, enabling real-time insights, emergency contact lists, and more!
  • Temperature: Wally provides mobile alerts when temperatures are outside of your chosen thresholds; helping to prevent food spoilage in the event of an unnoticed faulty appliance, frozen pipes or other costly hazards.
  • Water Leaks: Wally notifies you of potential water leaks through a local alarm and through mobile notifications.
  • Humidity: Wally monitors indoor humidity levels and helps you to avoid the conditions for unhealthy mold growth.
  • Open/Close: Notifies you of left open doors and windows, helping you to better secure your property and reduce your monthly energy bill.